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2080s is the new ‘fashion-pop’ project from Wrexham’s Robert Corcoran. Complete with catchy synth hooks, dance-inspired beats and cheeky, introspective vocals, 2080s is focussed on the future.

73 Degree Films produced the debut music video/short film for the project below.

'Confidence' Official Music Video

The short film, shot by Tim Rooney (Paperhouse), features Robert Corcoran walking through Manchester city centre wearing a blazer and pearl necklaces over his bare chest, in a series of long takes during rush hour, capturing the reactions of those around him. The video was shot in one take, for real.

Written & Directed by Robert Corcoran.

Shot by Tim Rooney.

Additional Footage shot by Alex Mollinares.

‘Confidence’ is the first single release from 2080s upcoming EP, ‘YOU HAVE HALF A SECOND TO IMPRESS ME’.


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