‘Projekt Z’

(In Between Spaces)

2018 | 45 Minutes

Prod. SignDance Collective

Prod. Transmitter Performance 


Music | Dance | Film | Sign-theatre

Spoken Word

The story follows a journeys of two souls perambulating in a world outside of time.

The show was created in The UK, Austria, Turkey and USA, supported by Arts Council of England.

73 Degree Films are partners on the project and created the on-stage visuals.

‘The Turtle Trials’

2018 | 45 Minutes

Prod. SignDance Collective

Prod. 73 Degree Films 

Multilingual Children's Show

Music | Dance | Sign-theatre

The Show offers a unique opportunity for young people to learn about turtles through sign language, dance, music, scent and storytelling. 

‘The Turtle Trials’ is a fully inclusive, interactive and immersive project, designed to help children learn more about the environment and how we can all engage more positively with it.


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