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BLIND DATE with Top Welsh Glamour Model Alaw Haf

73 Degree Films' new video features a fun, Welsh spin on an old format!

Alaw Haf is a glamour model from North Wales and one of the top Welsh creators on the popular platform OnlyFans.

"We watched Alaw's episode of 'Young, Welsh & Bossin' It' on BBC3 and loved her attitude. We knew right away that she would be amazing in a 73 Degree Films video." Rob Corcoran.

This marks the 2nd big collaboration between 73 Degree Films and a popular North Wales internet personality, after the company worked with Bootlegger earlier this year to promote Wrexham's pubs during their reopening.

Inside the new video, Alaw takes the 73 regulars (Rob, Scott & James) on a date, picking a winner and setting off into the sunset.

3 men sit on high chairs and laugh
James, Rob and Scott in Blind *ish Date
We wanted to interview Alaw in a fun and cheeky way without making it dull. Blind (ish) date felt like the perfect way to do that and have a laugh at the same time!
A man and woman sit opposite each other at a makeshift bar
James and Alaw mid date

The video is live now on the 73 Degree Films Youtube Channel

New videos are posted every Wednesday, featuring the best of entertainment from Wrexham and Wales.

You can keep up with all things 73 Degree Films here:

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