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We are a film production company with a focus on features, television & online content. 

Our Slate

'Wales: in Colour'

2021 | 6 x 30 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran


A unique, stylish set in Wrexham.

Supported with Creative Wales TV Development award in 2020.

'Smash the Like Button'

2021 | 4 x 4 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran


A 4-part satire following the most popular Youtube stars in Wales coping with the global pandemic.


2020 | 3 x 2 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran


3 vertical films that can also play simultaneously as one single, wide film.


'People in Places'

2018 | 3 x 7 mins | Prod. Robert Corcoran

3 community-made comedy films about different people in different places.

'You Are Invited to'

2016 | 59 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran

Mini-epic, madcap comedy set in Wrexham.

‘Autism: Future Employment'

2019 | 12 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran

A short documentary exploring the future of employment for people with autism.

'Singing Streets'

2017 | 22 mins

Broadcast documentary following the rise in popularity of one of North Wales’ largest celebrations of choral music.


2014 | 3 x 10 mins | Dir. Robert Corcoran

An award-winning, entirely improvised web sitcom by Robert Corcoran.



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