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i watched the SAME FILM 100 times in a row

I'm watching the movie 'Green Lantern' 100 times in a row, or until Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney CALL ME and tell me to stop.


PLAY - The Movie!

Where: Ty Pawb Gallery, Wrexham.

What: We created a live keyer inside a children's play area inside the gallery.

Who: Lead artist Rachael Clerke.

When: Open until September 23rd.


We use creativity to make art in new and interesting ways.

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Recent projects:

"PLAY - The Movie"  |  Tŷ Pawb  |  Interactive installation with live green screen.

"Happiness"  |  Public Health Wales  |  16mm short film written by ChatGPT.

"YOU HAVE HALF A SECOND TO IMPRESS ME" 2080s  |  Live Music Video.

my internet era.

Our podcast, where we go in depth about our projects, art and life.

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