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73 Degree Films Receive Development Funding for Wrexham-based TV Show + Announce New COVID-Comedy.

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the creative industries sector, Creative Wales are supporting a total of 21 Welsh production companies through their Emergency TV Development Fund.

2 young people pose in front of a church altar while wearing face masks.
Riah and Rob play the most popular Youtubers in Wales in 'Smash the Like Button'.

As part of this fund, an award has been made to 73 Degree Films' TV project 'Wales: in Colour', written by Robert Corcoran with Wrexham-based actor Stephen Evans currently attached.

"It's a sitcom, but I see it more like a modern fairytale. 3 flatmates, stuck in an endless loop of hangovers and jobs they hate have their lives turned upside down by the arrival of an estranged father with a questionable past. It's funny, it's stylish, it's dark, it's dreamy, it's sexy. It's very Wrexham and it's something we've not seen on TV before." - Robert Corcoran.

73 will now work with key producers and others to prepare the project for pitching to broadcasters.

In the meantime 73 are announcing their new series 'Smash the Like Button', a 4-part satire about the most popular Youtubers in Wales dealing with the global pandemic. The series stars Riah Amelle and Robert Corcoran as duelling internet stars and has been safely shot all over Wrexham & Cheshire at iconic locations including St. Giles' Church, The Foundry and the Grosvenor Pulford.

Producing a series during a global pandemic has been a huge challenge, but I honestly think it's the best thing we've ever made. We really went for it, bleached hair, piercings, original costumes and a hell of a lot of TikTok. I think because we had all waited so long to make something our energy levels were extremely high, and you can feel that.
2 images of Rob, one dressed normally and one in costume as Dan.
Rob's transformation into Dan, the most popular Youtuber in Wales.

You can find out more about the process of creating the series now by watching the first in a new season of 'cine-vlogs' which will be shared to the 73 Degree Films' Youtube channel each month. The first episode explores Rob's transformation and features some gorgeous cinematography of Wrexham town centre.

More updates for 'Smash the Like Button' and 'Wales: in Colour' will be shared on the 73 Degree Films' channels: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube.

And one last thing, as we've mentioned TikTok...

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